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About Us

Meet the founder

Simon Warman-Freed

IBG International was founded by Simon Warman-Freed, a proven Sales, Marketing and Business leader with over 40 years professional experience working in senior management positions at some of the world’s biggest brands, including the EY, Sony, NEC and Mitsubishi.

After over four decades in the industry and seeing the majority of social media marketing agencies overcharge for their services, Simon founded IBG Social Media with the mission to make high-quality social media content accessible, affordable and easy to manage for SMEs worldwide.

Simon Warman-Freed
Founder, IBG

About IBG

Established in 2010, IBG, an acronym for Intelligent Business Growth, is dedicated to guiding our clients towards accelerated growth. Our mission extends beyond merely conceptualising growth strategies; we are committed to providing comprehensive support services to ensure the realisation of our clients' growth aspirations.

Over the past 13 years, IBG has been instrumental in facilitating significant achievements for numerous companies, leading to notable increases in turnover and substantially enhanced exit values.

Operating as part of the IBG International umbrella, our organisation comprises four distinct divisions, each catering to specific support needs. In the face of ongoing changes and economic uncertainties, businesses must adapt to thrive. Our divisions include:

Underpinned by the IBG commitment to excellence, these divisions offer targeted support precisely where it is needed. In an era characterised by constant evolution, our goal is to empower businesses with the flexibility to navigate challenges and emerge stronger.

IBG stands ready to deliver outstanding sales and marketing expertise on demand. Whether you seek a long-term collaboration or require a short-term infusion of brilliance during critical junctures, we are poised to meet your needs effectively.